Capital City Church of Christ

The churches of Christ worldwide are dedicated to preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are convinced and convicted that faithful obedience to the “Great Commission” is central to the mission and work of the church.  Achieving this monumental assignment given to us by God involves building strong and meaningful relationships with friends, family, and all others who we are privileged to make contact with on a daily basis. We believe God’s people are called to make personal sacrifices to strengthen relationships and then seek opportunities to inspire people with His love.   Without love we know we are nothing (1 Cor. 13). 

Capital City is a numerically small but growing congregation.  All believers are taught and encouraged to contribute to the numerical and spiritual growth of the Lord’s church.  We provide strong teaching that will produce doctrinally sound followers who are confident in their salvation and who are engaged in the ongoing process of sanctification.  The gifts of this congregation are teaching and family development.  Our minister C. K. Stewart I, has dedicated his life to maturing in the word of God and drawing practical application to family life.    

If you are looking to be apart of a dynamic young ministry that has the potential to serve God in great ways, come see how we are helping people get it together.  Come worship with us willingly as we evangelize everyone by making disciples who will mature through ministry and fellowship fraternally.  We are striving to please God as the Bible commands.  

Those who have visited us have witnessed that we are dedicated to worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. They note that we are God-orientated, Christ-centered, soul-conscious, color blind, and heaven bound.  We are ever moving, ever trusting, ever loving and ever serving in the interest of our King.   


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